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Our Story

Sō CBD Co. grew out of the necessity for transparency and quality products in a fragmented and unregulated market. As CBD users we often found ourselves in search of a product that met our desired criteria. Our friends and family would seek advice from us, and more often than not, when shown the products they were using, we discovered a number of issues. They were either over-paying, the products were not third party lab tested, or not cultivated in the United States – the list goes on. For this reason, we decided to create an honest CBD brand that not only met our criteria in terms of quality and transparency, but looked good while doing it.

Our organic products are all made here in the United States and are third party lab tested. From harvest to store shelf, we meticulously craft and curate our world-class whole hemp products to provide quality and aesthetic our customers not only love, but are proud to have sitting on their shelves at home.

Remembering why we started, Sō CBD Co.’s continued commitment to educating our customers has led us to team up with the non profit organization, The Realm of Caring.

RoC is dedicated to providing support, education, and financial relief to individuals using cannabinoid therapy.