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500mg Full-Spectrum Premium CBD Tincture – Natural

The dragonfly, our 500mg full-spectrum CBD oil is said to feed off the wind itself, symbolizing purity and transformation as the essence of happiness.

  • Description
    • 30ml / 1oz bottle
    • 500mg full-spectrum CBD oil
    • Full-spectrum hemp oil is composed of many other beneficial cannabinoids in addition to CBD.
    • Flavor: Natural
    • Ingredients: MCT Oil (coconut oil), Hemp-Derived CBD Extract.
    • How to Use: Each person has their preference, but our Dragonfly 500mg CBD oil can be dropped under your tongue, mixed in your favorite drink, or applied directly to skin. It’s natural flavor and mild strength make it a great addition to your daily morning routine. We like taking Dragonfly with our morning coffee to help with clarity and focus.