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750mg Full-Spectrum Premium CBD Tincture – Mint

The feisty Jackalope, our 750mg full-spectrum CBD oil. With its antlers held high, the Jackalope is always ready to throw down. But fear not, as they are easily calmed with whiskey or fresh mint.

  • Description
  • 30ml / 1oz bottle
  • 750mg full-spectrum CBD
  • Full-spectrum hemp oil is composed of many other beneficial cannabinoids in addition to CBD.
  • Flavor: Mint flavor
  • Ingredients: MCT Oil (coconut oil), Hemp-Derived CBD Extract, Natural Flavors.
  • How to Use: Each person has their preference, but our Jackalope 750mg CBD oil can be dropped under your tongue or mixed in your favorite drink for a splash of minty freshness. It’s stronger strength make it a great addition to your post-workout or nightly routine. We like dropping our Jackalope CBD oil directly under the tongue shortly before heading to sleep for extra relaxation and peace of mind.