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What to Look For When Buying CBD

June 25, 2019

One of the reasons we started Sō CBD was to provide quality, trusted products in an unregulated market. Being that CBD is not FDA regulated, there are loads of substandard products on the shelves. We want to do our part educate consumers on choosing the right CBD product for them.

When purchasing CBD products, here’s what to keep an eye on:

Full spectrum vs. isolate CBD oil

Full spectrum CBD oil contains CBD, trace amounts of THC, and additional beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and CBN. These cannabinoids work together synergistically to provide additional benefits than CBD alone. 

CBD Isolate oil is only cannabidiol. It’s 99% pure CBD. 

Sō CBD tinctures are full spectrum, while gummies and pet tinctures are isolate.

Carrier oils

Carrier oils help preserve the potency of the substance as well as make substances easier for the body to absorb. MCT oil (coconut oil) or hempseed oil are the two most popular carriers.

Sō CBD tinctures’ carrier oil is MCT oil, which has more saturated fat and is therefore able to be broken down and carried more efficiently to our bodies for absorption.

Extraction methods

CO2 and ethanol are the most popular extraction methods for CBD. The use 0f CO2 is considered a cleaner form of extraction.

Sō CBD oil is extracted using CO2.

Milligram content

Make sure to look at the size of the bottle and the milligram content. It’s important to note that the milligram listed is the contents of the entire bottle

Sō CBD tinctures are 30ml in size and come in 500mg (Dragonfly – Natural Flavor)  and 750mg (Jackalope – Mint Flavor).

Where and how its farmed

It’s important to know where the hemp is sourced from and that they have strict quality standards and farming regulations.

Sō CBD products are sustainably farmed in Kentucky using organic practices. The supplier uses their own proprietary technology that vacuum seals the hemp post harvest in under 3 minutes to maintain quality and freshness.

Lab Tested

It is important that companies provide 3rd party lab results for all CBD products. This can give you insight as to what exactly is in each product and offer full transparency. If a company is not willing to share lab reports, that should raise a red flag. 

Here are the results of our lab tests, we have two reports. Links to the reports can be found below.

These points should serve as a checklist for you whenever you make a CBD purchase. Shoot us a line if you have any other questions or concerns when buying CBD and we’ll be happy to help!

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